[UPDATE 04/2010]

I no longer recommend using the code on this site. This is mainly because this code installs a JavaScript redirect which may cause various third party apps to frown on your site for various reasons. I now recommend using IE6 No More as the most elegant and least intrusive way to encourage IE6 users to upgrade.

Join The Campaign, Install The Code

Join us by installing one of these scripts on your website. Each of the scripts show a standard alert javascript popup to IE6 visitors ONLY and redirects them under certain conditions. When redirects occur, visitors will be redirected to a page to help them install a better browser. Currently this page is abetterbrowser.org.

There are three levels of support for the cause.

IE6 Not Supported

The Not Supported code will explain to your sites IE6 visitors that they can't visit your site from IE6 because your site doesn't support IE6. It will then redirect them to install a better browser every time they try to visit the site from IE6. This is the ultimate level of support for the cause. For those of you with either little IE6 traffic to your site, or if your visitors should just plain know better than to be using IE6, this is the perfect approach. DEMO »

Annoying Recommend Better

Annoying Recommend Better does the same as Not Supported except it allows the visitor to opt out of getting help installing a new browser and continue browsing the site in IE6. The only catch is every time they visit a page with this script from IE6, the recommendation alert will popup (rather annoying by design). DEMO »

Recommend Better

Recommend Better works just like Annoying Recommend Better except the recommend popup will only happen more than a week after the last day the popup popped up. Hopefully they'll get the hint after a while. DEMO »

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