IE6 had its reign. Once being the most used browser, it still counts for an estimated 25% of all web traffic. There are various reasons for this but regardless of why, there are better browsers available and there is no reason why anyone needs to use IE6 for day to day internet use.

After years of accommodating IE6 because of its majority user base, it's time for developers to take a stand and actively encourage users to update. Every time someone upgrades to a better browser because of this campaign, we have caused a death to IE6. Join us in the campaign, Death To IE6.


My name is John Wright and I guess I should explain a little why I built this site. I don't hate IE6, in fact I used it for years and didn't have a problem with it. I built this site to promote the idea of informing IE6 users that they should upgrade. There are better options out there. IE7 and IE8 are much better alternatives, not to mention Firefox and the plethora of other browsers available.

The frustration of web developers with IE6 has been well known for years. IE6 deviates and behaves differently with standards based web code than other browsers. IE7, Firefox and many others almost always work fine with standards based code. Deviation alone wouldn't be a problem, but that's not all; IE6 was also the most widely used browser! Its ubiquity meant developers had to accommodate and create quirky fixes specifically for IE6 so their pages would work for the masses of IE6 users. Now is a different time. Although IE6 only accounts for an estimated 25% of all web traffic, that's still too much. It's time for developers to move on from accommodating IE6 and even ignoring it. As developers we need to come up with a better approach.

The Idea

The idea for a site like this came to mind about a month ago. I went to Quickbooks online from Firefox and found a white screen with the words "Your browser is not supported, please use IE7" (paraphrasing). So I did.

To think that a commercial product like Quickbooks from a company like Intuit would be developed to exclude Firefox users (really, this is a very questionable practice)! But I figured if they could do something like that, why couldn't developers who've dealt with IE6 for so long just plain stop supporting it. I think there are many sites that wouldn't be hurt by causing a popup or recommendation to show for IE6 users. I admit there are sites you wouldn't want to do something like this on. Each site requires a case by case evaluation determined by your visitors/audience. As for me, I'm using it on most of my sites.

Join us in the campaign, Death To IE6. Install the code on your sites and share this site with your friends.